How Our Site Works

How our site works

The Senior Save Australia website brings together some of the offers on the internet for older Australians. As a company, we are 100% independent meaning we are not owned by any big company or specific industry body, which allows us to focus our energy and attention on bring the best offers and deals together help you choose what interests you the most.

How our site offers work

We regularly publish posts you can visit either directly or via our regular email newsletter correspondence. To make it more simple for you to review, we produce our posts in the same format. So you get used to how our site works and review the offers simply & quickly. Clicking “View Now” will take you to the specific offer in the post which may be on the same Senior Save Australia site OR you may be directed to another site to take up the offer.

How we make money

There are occasional posts marked as “Featured Offer” where we may receive some form of compensation because of you visiting a specific site partner. All other posts found on Senior Save Australia that list other sites of interest are in no way related to us. We want to bring together the best deals & offers for our audience to review, rate and critique.

We welcome your contribution

All the Senior Save community can assist us to produce a better site for all members. Users can rate any of our posts to let others know as well as our internal content team as to which deals are great and which deals are below expectation. On each post you can rate out of five stars the deal. You are also encouraged to leave a specific comment in the bottom section of the page about the post you are reviewing.

Keeping your data safe

We know that feeling safe online is extremely important to our users and we are very strict with how we protect your data. Please read our privacy policy which explains the information we collect, what we pass on and your rights and responsibilities.

Want to know more?

To get in touch please visit our contact us page.